Customer Service and Relationship Management

Do your staff have the fundamental service skills for today’s customer focused workplace?

Marana has extensive experience in training a range of core service and relationship management skills to positively promote the organisation and deliver service.  Our solutions are pragmatic, dynamic, use real case studies and build on people’s existing expertise. We focus on applying the skills learned back to the workplace.

A sample of services in this area include:

  • Identifying customer/client/stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Setting clear service standards and expectations
  • Delivering service in a legislative environment
  • Building rapport and creating positive first impressions
  • The importance of ‘knowing your stuff’
  • Avoiding verbal ‘fire-starters’ words and phrase that help situations and words and phrases that harm situations
  • Dual focus approach to service – people and behaviours – process and systems
  • Creating and developing customer service cultures
  • Managing customer/client expectations
  • How to say “no” and provide alternative solutions
  • Dealing with angry and upset people
  • Empathy – what is it and why is it important?
  • Keeping calm and maintaining equilibrium
  • Sales and client management skills