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Performance Management and Feedback

Do your staff give and receive regular feedback about performance?  Are some courageous conversations needed?

Marana knows how hard it is for some people to give and receive honest feedback within the workplace.  Fear often stems from lack of skills, knowledge and practice in praise and corrective feedback.  We help people start these conversations and provide steps to manage discussions whether they are about work performance, conduct or behavior.

A sample of services in this area includes:

  • The factors that influence performance
  • Analysing performance situations
  • Understanding and using individual motivators
  • Setting clear expectations and standards
  • Skills for giving and receiving feedback
  • Praise, re-direct and corrective conversations
  • Avoiding the ‘fuzzies’ – subjective descriptions
  • Having tough conversations related to attitude and behaviour
  • Giving feedback to colleagues
  • Managing emotions of self and others
  • Skills for dealing with objections
  • The formal steps for managing unsatisfactory performance
  • Performance management policy and requirements
  • Developing performance improvement plans
  • Documentation and the importance of clear action plans
  • Developing confidence and having courageous conversations