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Performance Management for Managers

Marana was approached by a major training organisation to assist with the implementation of its Performance Management system by developing and delivering training in the system, how to give feedback and the process for managing unsatisfactory performance. Many managers in the organisation were unsure how to give feedback to improve performance issues and were concerned not to say or do things which could affect their working relationships with staff or breach policy or legislation. Marana Consulting Group developed a two day training program which covered key aspects of managing for good performance, setting performance expectations, providing praise, coaching and giving corrective feedback and the use of the organisation’s performance management policy and procedures. This program was run successfully in a number of locations and several hundred managers and supervisors were trained. Marana received feedback from participants saying most times the techniques in the training worked but for a few staff significant performance issues were not addressed following feedback conversations. From this a follow on course was developed on How to Have Those Difficult Conversations with Employees for situations where the informal feedback did not result in improved performance. This has been well attended and aims to provide managers and supervisors with confidence and clarity about the steps to take to address performance issues related to behavior and conduct.

 Marana works with organisations to implement and train staff in their organisational policies and procedures. We have a number of performance management related workshops including giving and receiving feedback, managing unsatisfactory performance and how to have difficult conversations.