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Building an Effective Executive Team

Marana Consulting Group was approached by a community based organisation to assess the effectiveness of the Executive Team and to make recommendations to develop the effectiveness of the team. The Team Management Systems ‘Team Performance Profile’ was used to gain feedback from about 30 staff and the 8 members of the team on the performance of the Executive Team from an internal and external perspective. This was enhanced through providing 360° Feedback to each of the Executive Team members.

The results of the ‘Team Performance Profile’ was provided to the Board and the Executive Team in two workshops and an action plan was developed to address identified issues. Individual feedback on the 360° Feedback was provided to each Executive Team member and individual development plans produced. The Chief Executive participated in coaching to support the implementation of all these action plans. The feedback from the Board and the team has been positive – a number of issues have been addressed and improvements in team effectiveness have been noticed at all levels.

 The next step is to assess progress by re taking the ‘Team Performance Profile’ after 18 months, measuring progress and refining the action plans.

Marana can assist organisations measure and improve the performance of management teams through use of a range of tools including assessments, 360° feedback, planning workshops, training and coaching.