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Making Legislation Clearer for Staff

Equal Employment Opportunity and Prevention of Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Marana Consulting Group was approached by a large wine company and was asked to support the corporate Equal Employment Opportunity strategy by facilitating Prevention of Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training. The purpose of the assignment was to support staff understand the legislation, in particular, helping staff to understand the ‘greyer’ areas related to direct and indirect discrimination. The program was centered on the company’s existing policy and grievance handling procedures. Activities and case studies were worked through to help staff practically understand what actions and behaviours are appropriate and are not appropriate at work. It was also important for staff to understand the difference between ‘what is bullying?’ versus ‘what is performance management?’

 Following the success of this program, a follow-up training session was then facilitated to support Leading Hands and Supervisors with the skills required to effectively provide feedback related to workplace conduct and behavior.

Marana regularly provides training in these topic areas and will tailor the content around existing company policies and procedures so that staff are clear about the actions required to support a healthy workplace culture.