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Supporting local Councils with on-going training

Local Council Supervisor Development, Customer Service and On-going Staff Training

In 2008, a local government council in west Sydney identified the need to support their outdoor team leaders with the skills needed to transition to and work in a supervisor role. Approximately 60 team leaders in 4 groups participated in a 4-day program that was spaced over a period of a month to allow for application of skills in the workplace. The program covered a series of topics including’ transitioning to the supervisor role, friendship versus being friendly, running effective ‘tool-box talks’ communication, feedback skills including having tough conversations with staff and resolving conflict in the workplace. The program was a great success and was subsequently rolled out to other parts of the Council including a bespoke program facilitated for Child Care Centre Directors.

Now in 2014, Marana continues to partner with this local government organisation, facilitating programs in a number of different areas including specific team development sessions for sections of Council. Tailored customer service programs have also been designed for leisure centre staff and library services and Marana continues to deliver one-day workshops for all council staff in the areas of dealing with difficult work and customer situations.

Marana Consulting Group has worked with over 20 local government Councils. We continue to facilitate various programs, which support improved performance. We understand the challenges of working in a legislative environment and have content specifically designed for staff who work in local government.